Top 5 trending cartoons in 2018


Cartoon is a type of illustrating any situations by the animated style. Small children, youngsters and older people, are loving cartoons. They are the inevitable part of every child’s life. The positive effects that cartoons can have on children are – they start learning at an early age, language development, helps increase in imagination and creativity, reduces stress. The top 5 trending cartoons in 2018 are listed below:

  • Ralph breaks the internet
  • The Grinch
  • Mary and the Witch’s Flower
  • Isle of dogs
  • Early man

Ralph breaks the Internet:


After the events of “ Wreck-It-Ralph,” Ralph and Vanellope have been best friends. She is in the mission to save her game, Sugar Rush, when the game’s external controls break. Sugar Rush gets unplugged that leaves Vanellope and all her game mates homeless. Ralph and Vanellope decide a plan to go online to find replacement controller.

The Grinch:

It’s a story about the Grinch, who hates the Christmas, lives above the merry town of Whoville. He plans to ruin the Christmas as he recalls his disjointing childhood memories. He and his pet dog named Max steal the entire town’s gifts as he disguises himself as Santa Clause. Cindy a young girl traps Santa and asks for a special gift. Still he carries on with his mission.

Mary and the Witch’s Flower

Mary Smith is a kind and clumsy young girl staying with her Great Aunt in the countryside for summer vacation. She oneday follows a cat into the woods. There she sees a mysterious glowing flower and a little broomstick. She rides it and it transports her to another realm. She enters into the prestigious magical school “Endor College” as a new student. She finds out that the glowing mysterious flower is called Fly-by-Night and has magical powers.

 Isle of dogs:

The autocratic mayor of Japan decides to exile all dogs to Trash Island because of canine flu. He starts doing with his own son Atari’s faithful dog pet, Spots. Later Atari goes on the island in search of his beloved pet. He meets a gang of five dogs instead and their chief who was a stray dog. They all search for Spots. Chief slowly starts to bond with Atari. A transfer student Tracy Walker tries to uncover a government conspiracy against the dogs.

Early Man:

Early man is an animated comedy movie set in prehistoric times. Things changes when an asteroid strike and break off into small and round ball and unknowingly playing it as soccer. Bronze Age Soilders invade and claims that the Age of Stone is done. To save their valley Dug challenges a game of soccer to Bronze Age Soilders.


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